US Virgin Islands - General Information

Welcome to our Paradise!


If you've been here, you already know how beautiful St. Thomas is and that we enjoy delightful weather mostly year round. If you haven't visited with us yet then you are in for a treat!

We are the American Virgin Islands and offer all the shelter of beiunder the U.S. flag on a tropical island with a relaxed lifestyle and fabulous weather 365 days a year.

Imagine living in a place where the coldest winter night's temperature about 68° and the average daytime temperature is in themid 80's!

Each of the three U.S. Virgin Islands offers its own island-style and beautiful vistas and beaches. The Sunhaven Realty Team worjs with experience brokers on St. Croix and St. John who are the experts on their island.

Our Team is located on the island of St. Thomas and we offer a very special expertise and perspective on island life - from Alana Mawson who was born here to the rest of the team that has decided that this truly is paradise - we offer decades of island experience and information.

St. Thomas is a mountainous island with fabulous water and "down" island views no matter where you are or where you look! The island is small - about 39 square miles and 3 miles at its widest. We drive on the  left hand side and the pace is slow - speed limits are no more than 20 miles per hour.

Our island is divided up into areas with estate names dating back to families and their plantation names.  Don't count on traditional addresses - We do not have street names nor street numbers. The major routes are numbered like the highways in the U.S., and many neighborhoods have named their own roads, but most of the island's streets and roads are unnamed. 

The airport is at the western end of the island and beyond the airport the rest of the west end is sparsely populated. The north side of the island is known for its lushness, ever presents trade winds and stunning down island views. The landscape is covered with colorful hibiscus bushes, native fruit trees and herbs.

Down island views refer to views to St. John, the British Virgin Islands and out islands on the Atlantic Ocean side of St. Thomas.

The northeast coast of the island is known for it's rocky coastline and crashing Atlantic Ocean and some of the most incredible scenery on the island. Wild orchids grow on huge boulders on the Estate Peterborg peninsula and both Mahogany Run Golf Course and Magen's Bay are on the northeast coast.

The east end of the island is flatter in terrain and is the yachting hub of the island and boasts some of the best beaches on St. Thomas. The landscape is dotted with cactus, fragrant frangipani trees and brilliant bougainvillea bushes.

The south side of St. Thomas boast gorgeous Caribbean Sea views and views to St. Croix, Puerto Rico, the historic port town of Charlotte Amalie and the harbor islands; Hassel and the newest and 4th Virgin; Water Island.

Strike up a conversation - we're a friendly bunch -  each visitor and local will tell you their favorite part of St. Thomas and why they love it.

Yes, we are a small island, but like us you will find the terrain, landscape, views, and character of each part of the island are very different, but all breathtaking and SIMPLY PARADISE!

Let us help you find your favorite part,

Justine Mis & the Sunhaven Realty  Teams